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    MON – FRI 11:30 to 15:30


    85kr Daily menu includes soup, salad, bread, butter, baked veggies, rice, savory with sauce.

    You may opt for 55kr soup, salad and bread option. We also offer take-aways for you to eat at home or in the office.

    Students get discounted price of 80kr for the daily menu.

    DiscoverFood That Makes You Body Happy

    Vegetarian cuisine prepared with fresh vegetables sourced locally and striving for fully organic ingredients. We DO NOT use any Taste or Flavor Additives/Enhancers (such as monosodium glutamate (E621), known as MSG, GMO (genetically modified) produce, broth. Our dishes have low gluten content, except daily baked bread. Vegan/lactose free menu mirrors the main menu and cream is substituted with Oatley, cream of coconut, or simply baked with the goodness of olive oil. We do not use garlic or onion either.


    Hospitality is king for 2017
    Whether that comes at a fine dining restaurant, or counter-service spot, it’s still relevant, because it’s what makes the experience special.


    • If you are looking for Vegan or Vegetarian lunch, this is the place to go. Indian influenced high quality lunch for a really good price.
      Little F
    • Suveränt god och nyttig mat. Rekommenderas varmt.
      Jörgen Andersson
      Jörgen Andersson
    • Great food in a relaxing atmosphere and excellent service!
      Paula Nickling
      Paula Nickling
    • Fantastic staff and the food is absolutely wonderful! The homemade bread can't resist!
      Ellen Io Petersson
      Ellen Io Petersson
    • Amazing food, fantastic staff and a very good concept for a restaurant. I can't think of a single bad thing to say. Enjoy! P.S. The bread is simply out of this world! D.S.
      Eddie Sandberg
      Eddie Sandberg
    • Great restaurant that even offers VEGAN options. Nice, and friendly staff who asked me if I wanted VEGAN instead of assuming that I wanted vegetarian. They also asked me if I was a student (because students gets some discount). Wishing the new owners all the best. "I'll Be Back"
      Dan Berg
      Dan Berg
    • I say lunch because it's usually closed for dinner time (although I don't know if there is a summer schedule). Very tasty food. Fast alternative for busy vegetarians!
    • Super nice vegetarian/vegan food, always friendy staff, calm and tranquile environment (except for lunch hour). Highly recommended!
      Emily Cacciola
    • This little place in the cellar serves quick lunch. Very reasonable prices. Only open for lunch Mon-Fri 11:30-15:30. Good everyday food.
    • God vegetarisk mat utan att vara pretentiöst.
      Patrik Lill
      Patrik Lill

    WeekOct 16th - Oct 20th


    Soup: Green lentil
    Main: Roasted aubergine, paprika, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga in tomato sauce
    Savory: Pumpkin patties
    Sauce: Parsley lemon sour cream relish
    Side: Yellow rice


    Soup: Halloween pumpkin
    Main: Creamy savoy cabbage, carrot, potato, green beans casserole
    Savory: Lentil patties
    Sauce: Tomato sauce
    Side: Mustard seed rice


    Soup: Yellow lentil
    Main: Cauliflower butternut squash, white beans in coconut sauce
    Savory: Mixed vegetable patties
    Sauce: Pineapple chutney
    Side: Veggie rice


    Soup: Parsnips apple
    Main: Roasted fennel, zucchini, carrot, in tomato curry
    Savory: Celery root patties
    Sauce: Strawberry mint
    Side: Pulao rice


    Soup: Tomato
    Main: Broccoli, pumpkin, paprika in cranberry beans sauce
    Savory: Vegetable pakoras
    Sauce: Mango banana chutney
    Side: Cumin rice

    Freshly baked bread, butter, as well as choice of 3 salads (red cabbage with apples, white cabbage with carrots and green salad with bean sprouts) is available daily!

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    Happy to announce that we are now part of HUNGRIG.SE online food network which means you can ORDER ONLINE our dishes and get them delivered right to your home or office.

    Govindas Malmö


    Brogatan 11, 21144
    Malmö, Sweden




    Brogatan 11, 21144 Malmö, Sweden



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